Our Company

Nanjing EFG CO., LTD., created in 2003, focuses on series of thermal insulation material for industrial projects such as oil refinery, petrochemical, power plant and so on. After more than 15 years developing with the support of some respectable customers and partners, NJEFG® have expanded the market to all over the world such as South East Asia, Middle East, North Africa, South Europe, South America and so on. Our customers which are importers, distributors and engineering companies from all over the world. With the support of some customers we have win some bidding of important projects in many countries such as Spain, Morroco, Algeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabic, Iran, Indonesia, Mexico and so on. Compared to the traditional renowned companies, Nanjing EFG Co., Ltd is fairly new, but it is growing very fast and getting more and more market shares worldwide by offering excellent quality, competitive prices and dedicated services.

Our Company

Our Products

Our Industrial Thermal Insulation materials including series of Aluminium plate, Ceramic material, Mineral wool, Cladding material, Silicone sealant and so on.

Our Qualifications

NJEFG is licensed, certified, and highly knowledgeable in the industry. You can view some of our licenses, certifications, and test reports on this webpage. Choose NJEFG for excellent quality, competitive prices, and professional service.